Coffin Planters


Mini Coffin Planter
Designed by SaideG

Finish: Wood stain and Finish
Wood: Black Walnut

2.5" Inches coffin plant
1.5 in W
2.5 in H
0.6 in D

5" inches coffin plant
2.75"in W
5" in H
1.5" in D

Although it is water-resistant, it is not water-proof
wipe down if some water gets spilled on it to avoid any water marks.

***Care instruction in package***

Please feel free to ask about custom sizing or engraving



  • 2.5" mini coffin planter
  • 2.5" mini coffin planter with air plant
  • 5" coffin planter Sold Out
  • 5" coffin planter with air plant Sold Out