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White Witch Stitched Souls Art Doll

White Witch Stitched Souls Art Doll

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Welcome to Stitched Souls Adoption Center

Beware the eerie enchantment that lurks in the shadows of my new art doll creation. Standing tall upon a mossy ground, this whimsically wicked witch is a peculiar concoction of the spooky and the quirky. Crowned by a black witch hat, she dons a ghostly ensemble—her white dress fashioned from a vintage handkerchief, adorned with hauntingly beautiful details. Her pallid face, framed by a mane of darkness, reveals black hollowed eyes with a touch of grey eyeshadow that mirrors the misty whispers of an otherworldly realm. Lips as dark as midnight complete her haunting visage. Yet, amidst the spectral solemnity, her white bandage sleeves and a long, ethereal strip that cascades from her hand add an unexpected touch of whimsy, as if a mischievous spirit were at play. The result is a bewitching blend of spookiness and charm, a testament to the macabre magic woven into every stitch and detail of this peculiar art doll.

Date Created: Sept. 2023
Place of Birth: Darkville
Care: Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture. Dusk off lightly with feather duster. 

This is a handmade art doll, with tattered edges, visible stitches and hand sculpted face and body.  

From top of hat to bottom base: 12" height
Base : 3"x2.5" 
Mixed Media Sculpture

Made At

Proudly made in Compton, California.

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