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Doll Face Blossoms OOAK Art Doll

Doll Face Blossoms OOAK Art Doll

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Behold the allure of my latest creation, the Doll Face Blossoms. Their countenances, pale as freshly fallen snow, conceal a mysterious beauty that transcends the ordinary. Hollowed eyes, adorned with a subtle grey eyeshadow, gaze hauntingly from faces framed by obsidian lips. Crowning their features, a delicate array of petals transforms these ethereal visages into enchanting dark tulips. From each doll's slender neck, a tattered black stem emerges, bearing the weight of lacy and solid black leaves that flutter like silent whispers in the shadows. The Doll Face Blossoms stand as a testament to the delicate interplay between the haunting and the beautiful, inviting admirers into a realm where darkness and elegance entwine.

Doll Face Blossoms are 12" Tall. 
Vase not included.

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Proudly made in Compton, California.

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