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Spectral Screamkins in Glass Dome

Spectral Screamkins in Glass Dome

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Step into the curious world of my latest sculptures, where pale pumpkins lie on mossy grounds, a spectral twist on the familiar gourd. These little clay wonders, eerily washed in white, boast an unsettling charm with their black details. Each pumpkin has a sturdy stem, adorned with curly veins that seem to writhe with an otherworldly energy. Their faces, frozen in perpetual terror, exhibit black hollowed eyes and screaming expressions that echo the silent screams captured within. These peculiar pumpkins find themselves ensnared in a glass dome, that holds the essence of their haunting wails. It's a spooky ballet of screams and artistry, where the macabre meets the whimsically peculiar under the watchful gaze of the glassy enchantment.

We have 2 Screamkins available. 
Main photo (duo) Screamkin One is in the FRONT, Screamkin Two is in the background.
PHOTO 2: Screamkin 2
PHOTO 3: Screamkin 3 

Name: Spectral Screamkins
Date Created: Sept. 2023
Care: Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture. Dusk off lightly with feather duster. 

This is a handmade art doll, with tattered edges, visible stitches and hand sculpted face and body.  

Dome with pumpkin measures: 3" x 1.5"
Mixed Media Sculpture

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Proudly made in Compton, California.

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